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Buy online with more confidence and ease. 

Simply text, we'll do the rest.

No Installs Required. Free to Use.

The App

Friday Buyer's Club


Join more than a million of happy users

We'll find you great deals on things you want everyday. Every Friday, we offer a special deal to all subscribers. Most subscribers save ~$400/year... for a cost of only $36/year.


Features At A Glance

Simple. Straightforward. Functional. Efficient

Ask us to find the best deal and we will. Subscribe to get great deals every Friday on stuff you want. 

We’ll do research for any big purchases you are planning.

Want daily information sent to you (i.e. weather, stock prices) we’ll send it your way. 

Personalization - share with us your preferences (i.e.  cruelty free cosmetics, we’ll find them for you)

Fit Match - our service to help you find clothes you’ll love the fit of.

Text us something you want to buy, we’ll alert you when it’s on sale.


Convenient and Personalized

Skip The Effort

Skip the hassle and shop with a simple text message. Fridayy understands your text messages seamlessly and then does all the hard work for you


We Do Research For You

Making a big, complicated purchase - we'll help you. Want to ensure clothes will fit the way to you - we'll help you. 

About Us

Spend Less Time Shopping and More Time Doing What You Love.

With No Checkout Page - Our User Experience Is Seamless and Hassle-Free!

We treat your information as if it were ours. 

We never share your data with anyone. In fact, we'll protect it - giving you an anonymous way to shop online. 



"You know, I was skeptical of Fridayy. Why would ordering with a text be easier? Turns out, it's just simpler. Firing off a text and getting a personalized recommendation - feels like magic!"

Chris Gem

“I view websites and apps as hostile grounds, like casinos - designed to get me to spend my money, forget where the entrance is, and lose focus - their UI/UX is too good. Fridayy helps me use the internet and not get use.

Michael Doe

"There are a million choices to make. Fridayy narrows down to your personalized, tailor-made choices - with just a *text* of a button. Highly recommended!"

Maggie Stalk

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